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peace be still

Peace be still.Say the words and I will Set my feet upon the sea Till I'm dancing in the deep. - lyrics from Peace Be Still by Andrew Holt Music

What is it about the ocean anyway? It's always the place I'm drawn to when out in nature. If given the choice between a lake, mountain or ocean, my choice is always ocean. Even when it comes to worship songs - it's the one that use water and ocean as imagery that pierce me to the core. While I could invite you on an internal journey to figure out why, I'm going to accept it as the way God speaks to me and be just fine with it! 
Thankfully, I live in a beautiful part of the country that offers some stunning options for being near the ocean. On days when I am feeling heavy or burdened, I come to the ocean and am reminded of God's power. When I am feeling joyful and just want some fresh air, I get to sense the joy of the Lord mingling with my own. Lately, with all that has been going on, I took a day to get close to the water.…

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