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Why the cactus?

Cacti have always been an intriguing plant to me. I remember being scared of them, as a kid, because I didn't want too close for fear of getting poked. The first time I ever saw a cactus was in an animated cartoon. It wasn't pretty and it resembled a giant pole with two arms sticking out. Besides that, they grew in one of the most barren and blah places on the planet - the desert. Later in life, I would learn that cacti can be quite beautiful. Their cousin, the succulent, were equally beautiful and I have included them in my home decor. The neutral palette goes so well with my calm decor. My parents have two flowering cacti in their home and I look forward to the blooms each year. You will notice that cacti and succulents appear often in the graphics that appear on my blog. There is very good reason. While there isn't an outright mention of them in the Bible (although you will find a couple of translations include the word cactus - ex. The Message includes cactus in Psalm …

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