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Advent Week Three

  It is week three of Advent.  Is the anticipation building up? Let's put ourselves in Mary's shoes this week. Mary is someone I would love to meet and have a conversation with. From having a visit from the angel, to carrying the Son of God and being His earthly mother, it brings up a ton of questions I have for her. I feel like there is so much missing from scripture to give me details like: Mary, how was your life before this visit? Was it as shocking as we are led to believe? Were you already in a special relationship with God and were somewhat expecting it? You know, shocked a bit but not completely taken off guard. Because, your response seems so calm and faithful.  Mary, what was going through your mind as you told Joseph about what the angel told you? Was it an overwhelming sense of peace? Was your faith so rock solid that you had no doubts or fear of what his reaction might be? Knowing that a woman who was pregnant out of wedlock could be stoned, what was going on in yo

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