Sunday, June 19, 2016

Influenster Post: Tresemme Review

Hey there!

You may be wondering what "Influenster Post" means. Well, I have the privilege of, periodically, getting selected to receive a big old box of free stuff. The catch is, I have to use it and give my review. 

Easy, right?!?!

I sure think so!

These big old boxes of goodness are called a Voxbox and they change every time. I've received everything from food items to bath and body items to cosmetic items. It's a lot of fun! 

Today I'm giving a review of my latest Voxbox from Influenster. I received the latest hair innovation from Tresemme's Expert Collection. It's a 2-step condition and shampoo system, just like any other system... EXCEPT... you reverse it! Yep, It's a reverse system that has you conditioning before you shampoo.

Say whaaaaaaa?

I began this test out a little bit skeptical. I know that Tresemme is considered an "affordable" haircare product aka "not as good as the salon". However, in my experience with these budget friendly products, I know that price doesn't always equal the quality. I've used some expensive haircare product before only to be disappointed. 

I was intrigued with the "reverse system" approach and, I thought maybe... just maybe... this might work for my hair. My hair is fine. I have a lot of it but, it's fine. And it gets oily fast. I usually wash my hair every other day, with day two pushing it!

So, I did the wash. It was weird putting the conditioner in first but, I noticed a difference when I washed. My hair was less tangled and it felt lighter. Hmmm... was this my imagination? Placebo affect? Who knows. 

Here is a photo of my luscious locks after washing that fine day:

Yeah it's nothing special. That's how my hair always looks after a wash and style. I don't do a whole lot with it during the work week. What I did notice was how soft my hair was and how good it smelled. I liked it so far! 

When I was styling, I thought it styled just like any other time. It wasn't the easiest, then again, I'm due for a haircut!

Now, here is the real test. I'm about to show you a series of side by side photos of me on day THREE of not washing my hair. Both times I had curled my hair and wanted to make it last. The 'before' photos are me trying to doctor up the oily hair with my hairspray and such. The 'after' photos are after using this new Tresemme 'reverse system' with NO doctoring! What the what! 

You can definitely notice a difference in my bangs area! Before is definitely more oily and weighed down.
After... looks as fresh as ever.
Here are a few more. Photos on the left are 'before' with my normal washing and styling routine and the right is after using the Tresemme product.

Can you see the difference???

I even think my hair held the wave and curl better, too.

This is the difference with just the conditioner and shampoo. I didn't change my actual hair styling product or tools. 

So, my final analysis...

It will take some getting use to - what with doing the conditioning first and all. While I didn't notice anything spectacular the day of... the difference showed up two days later when I was still enjoying beautiful hair! THAT'S pretty cool! And I think it truly does relate to shampooing after the conditioner. I still have soft and silky hair but, it's not weighed down. And with fine hair, like mine, that makes a whole heck of a lot of difference!

If you have fine hair like, that is not color treated, then I highly recommend this! All us fine haired girls are going to be in for a fun treat and say we can now go THREE whole days without washing our pretty locks!

Hey... are you feeling a little envious that I got some free product to try out? Are you wondering how, you too, can get in on the action? It's easy!!! If you love blogging, social media and giving your opinion, your chances of getting some awesome free stuff is highly likely!

Sign up via THIS LINK! It's free to sign up! Make sure you connect all your social media, like Facebook, so that your points and standings go HIGH! And have fun!

***I received this product free for testing and review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bible Art Journaling

Hello, hello!

I've always been intrigued with the Bible journaling trend that has sky rocketed this past year. While I don't have a journal Bible, I do have my watercolor paper and plenty of mixed media supplies. So, I decided that I would utilize what I know, and love, with mixed media and art journaling, and combine it with my worship. The two pages I am sharing with you, today, are lyrics from a couple of favorite worship songs. 

For the Your Love Never Fails page, I used my watercolor pants to create the drip background. Once that dried, I did some splatter and then, drew hearts with my gelatos. As a fun addition to help symbolize the fact I'm committing these lyrics and Psalm 136 to my life, I did some stitching around the heart shape. 

I absolutely love this song... You Make Me Brave by Bethel. Something that I've been feeling moved to share with others is that we are not held captive or slaves to our fears. The words like fear, worry and doubt are not from God. HIS words are love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and joy. When I first heard this song, I felt the tears welling up! He does make me brave. 

I so admire those who have mastered the skill of hand lettering. I have not. But, you know what? I'm all about keeping things real so, I'll be sharing my imperfect lettering with you all. 

For this page, I did lots of spritzing and then, used some modeling paste and stencil to create lots of texture. I sealed the deal with the washi tape. It adds some great color and rhythm to this page.

I'll be keeping these in a notebook to reflect on. I have a spot on my bookshelf to display a page every once in awhile too. 

Thanks for letting me share with you today and for swinging by! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beachcombing with Friends {Just Nick}

Hey everyone!

So, here in the PNW, the weather has been phenomenal. A few weeks ago, I hung out at a local beach with some great friends and we enjoyed the view, breeze off the ocean water and the amazing sunset. We ate food bbq'd and cooked over the bonfire. And I went home smelling like bonfire too. Ah... my favorite summer smell!

And it's not even summer yet! 

As with every moment of my life, I had to document it on a scrapbook page and chose to use a photo of me and the gals, for a page on the Just Nick Studio blog. This week we are using FOUR or MORE cut files. Yowza! But, honestly, I love it. I always think about using more because Nicole has created so many that are so perfect with my style. So, these challenges really push me and I always love the outcome.

So, here is the page:

I have used a couple of new cut files on this page - Bits & Pieces Star and Script Font. So pretty! I also used stars from the Under the Stars & Moon and the waves are from the Lake Life set. 

I included a link that will take you directly to each cut file there. 

I made a process video for this page as well. There are so many little things I've tweaked over the course of refining my video taking skills. I'm such an amateur! But, I'm learning and I know the next one will probably be the best. The only reason I bring all that up is because my voice recording is slightly muffled. Ugh. So you'll need to turn up the volume a bit. Don't worry, I've got better equipment and the final tweak for my video quality taken care of so my next video will be stellar! Yay! 

Here are some more close ups:

Thanks for swinging by! 

If you are wanting a few more details about the page and such, you can always visit my post on the Just Nick Studio Blog.

Happy creating!