Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Are The Best

No really.

You are.

Yes. YOU.

Wanna know why? Because over the past two years, while I've been floundering a bit, you've continued to come to my humble blog. Even though the comments are few, I know you are coming because I sneak onto my Google Analytics and I see you. :)

So thanks. Thanks for sticking by me while I went on a two year adventure. The blog posts became few. I actually started to lose my way a bit. Inspiration went out the window. I didn't like what I was making. I didn't enjoy creating in my space.

I just wanted to go home.

And it is SO good to be home.

Like, really, really, really, really, REALLY good. 

I made a card for you. I hope you like it. :)

Most product used on this card is from the September Swag Bag which, you can find at Paper Issues. It's a fabulous little bag of awesome.  I have decided this store is my new "LSS". Yes, it's online but, the customer service is bar none. And the online community is just what my paper crafting loving soul needed! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Thrive Here

Hi everyone!

Do you have a special place that you feel ALIVE while there?

That's how I feel when I'm near the water. And I'm really picky as to what kind of water. 

You see, something I learned when I was living in Chicago, was that I really love ocean water. I feel like the air is fresh and the sky sparkles.

I know. It sounds crazy. But, if you ask anyone that lives on the west coast, they will tell you that the sky does, indeed, sparkle over the ocean water. It's quite lovely. 

It never fails on days that I'm feeling down, after a walk along the bay, my spirits are lifted. Water soothes me. It makes me feel invigorated. Alive. Refreshed. Renewed. Ready to sprout new leaves. 

The symbolism I pulled for this page is rather literal. From the smiley face, to the leaf stencil and bright colors, I wanted to exude that feeling of HAPPY and the THRIVING.

The orange in my photo was nicely complemented by the colors in this kit. 

And let me tell you, the colors in our THRIVE kit are BRIGHT. and HAPPY. And drip with all kinds of symbolism when it comes to thriving and growing and blooming. Such a positive kit! I love it!

Are you ready to join us? I think it's time. You can easily subscribe for our beautiful, life-changing kitsHERE.

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And feel free to share, right here, where your happy place is. I'd love to hear!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yes I am

Yes I am.

Yes I am moving today. Again. Hopefully for the last time in a very long time.

Yes I am German and embrace it the older I get.

Yes I am a mocha drinker.

Yes I am.

Yes I am a Jesus lover.

Yes I am a survivor. Not a victim.

Yes I am a creative.

Yes I am a singer.

Yes I am beautiful.



Hold the phone. What was that last thing???

I am.... beautiful?????

It's taken me a very long time to accept that fact that yes, I am beautiful. And you know what has gotten me here?

Not the media.

Not self-help.

Not what the world says about me.

Not a man. 

Not my parents or my friends or what society says.

The answer is simple... my relationship with Jesus.

The deeper I grow in my faith, the more I see the beauty HE created within me. I love it! It's empowering and it is liberating.

I created this page using the August kit LIBERATION from Inside Out. Yes, I'm late sharing it but, my life has been in the midst of transition the past two months. :)  

Better late than never, right?

HEY... and guess what? YOU are beautiful too!