Monday, March 2, 2015

XO {Enamored with Enamel}

There is a new issue at Paper Issues and we're Enamored with Enamel! 

Paper Camellia is our Sponsor for this link up party and we got to use the January Everyday and Add on Kit. 

I created this card and incorporated some of the fun ideas you can use on your own projects.

I'm a sucker for pinks and blues and had fun making this card. I used the enamel words(LOVE) as part of the card sentiment. And, of course, threw in some hearts because I'm focusing on looooove. ;)

Here are some ideas for what could you link up to Enamored with Enamel:
  • Use enamel embellishments, like enamel dots, hearts, chevrons, words, etc.
  • Do you love stars? Let them take a starring role on your project.
  • Are polka dots your thing? Go ahead, go dotty with dots.
  • Get things pointed in the right direction by using arrows, geotags, globes, etc.
  • Is punctuation your thing? Add punctuation symbols to your project.
  • Share the love by using hearts.
  • Show us something you absolutely love, whether it be a person, flower, food, thing, place, movie, song, etc.
  • Use Paper Camellia's kits.
Link up with us on the Paper Issues blog HERE, to be eligible to win Paper Camellia's Main March Kit. Woohoo!

You can link up as many projects as you like and they can be new or old. We make it easy and fun for you!

Here are the links to Paper Camellia's product and social media sites. Please stop by and say hi. Be sure to tell them Paper Issues sent you.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Restore Joy

It doesn't happen often but, sometimes I like to create a page without a photo. As I was digging through the kit contents and contemplating the word 'restore', a verse kept popping into my head. I remember saying this in church, as a child, and I thought how awesome would it be to have something to hang on my wall. 

So this page was born.

And then something happened as I created it. I found myself actually stating those words. Not that I'd lost the joy but, it was kind of like a vow renewal. I was affirming something. I won't go into my faith too much here but I will say how meaningful and important it is to me. I'm not ashamed of it nor try to hide it. Instead, because of the joy I have, I love to share it! And creating this page brought so much joy to my heart.

I love spattering the sequins and ink everywhere. I love how creating these pages takes me through an emotional journey. Sometimes it tough but, in cases like this, the tears that form in my eyes are that of joy and assurance of the path I'm on!

How are you restoring your joy?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Refreshment {Inside Out}

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Okay, so I'm going to need you to bear with me here. I know this can be a touchy issue for those going through recovery. But I'm all about being real and honest. I'm not apologizing and, at the same time, I just want to give you the warning. I'm talking about libations here...

As I was going through Instagram, as I often do when preparing these pages for Inside Out, I noticed a plethora of photos I took of my libations and cocktails. I'm not a heavy drinker but, I do enjoy something tasty after a long day at work. Naturally, I had to record this.

Now, I'm not sure how conducive this is to restoration but, I will say, I usually feel pretty relaxed and find myself enjoying the time with my friends on these evenings (and every blue moon... an afternoon!)

I pulled a lot of the lighter colors and butterflies for this page because this isn't a heavy subject matter for me. It's suppose to be light hearted and, gasp, humorous. I'm kind of teasing myself too because of all the photos I found I took of my cocktail nights.

But, honestly, those times are so important to me when it comes to restoring my brain and allowing the stress to dissipate.

So, what is it for you? Tea? Ooooh... chamomile tea... See? That does it for me too. I feel relaxed just thinking about it. Or maybe you love your water and a good book to go with. 

Take time for YOU!