Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What I Do

Hello everyone,

I would like to be your living testament to what it's like to make your dream reality. Is there something burning deep inside of you that you've wanted to do? Perhaps you've caught yourself daydreaming about a certain possibility and just haven't taken the next step.

Well ladies (and gents if you're out there), I'd like to push you off the cliff of daydreams and longings. Just go for it! Don't let fear stop you. Don't let others voices of negativity hold you back. You know yourself better than anybody and if you've got a dream that just isn't leaving you alone then you best be trusting that gut and following through.

I am living proof that doing so is the most exhilarating and character growing action one can make. 

Well yeah Melissa, you say, but what if I do that and it all falls flat. 

Then it does.

What, you say, are you serious? My life will be over!

No it won't.

Whatever lady, you say.

Listen, let me tell you a little bit more about my perspective with this - life is too short to not take that first step. 

Will it always end up exactly how you envisioned it? Nope. 
Are you going to get some scraps and bruises along the way? Quite possibly.

But, the beautiful part of it is that you will gain confidence. You will become stronger. You've got to choose that, though. It's all a matter of how you choose to handle it!

For me? I finally learned to grow. Sure my dreams may have not lived up to my expectations. Sure, I may have been ready to give up almost as quickly as I put them into motion. Sure, I had people tell me I was crazy or not giving it enough thought. But, you know what gosh darnit? I tried and learned and grew as a woman. And that's a pretty beautiful thing!

I love this kit Live Your Dream. 

LIVE YOUR DREAM. Live it! Don't just imagine it. Freaking live it woman! You totally can.

I loved this photo I found with the feet next to the cliff. How scary, right? Have you ever gone cliff jumping? It's so scary but, the adrenaline and feelings of conquering something huge are sooooo much bigger than the fear. That few seconds of fear dissolve so fast after the jump is complete. 

Can you think of any dreams you want to set in motion? Grab a kit, use our prompts and imagery to record those dreams. But, don't just leave it on the page.

Go out and make it your reality!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

You Are My Sunshine

Hi everyone!

Well, it was bound to happen but, Summer is slowly winding down here in the northern hemisphere. The weather is still very warm, though. But, the days are getting a little bit colder; I can feel Fall coming and school is starting. Oh the joys!

I forgot to come share a couple of cards I created using cut files from the Just Nick Shop. Have you gotten a chance to collect some of her files? I absolutely love them and I love sharing, with all of you, how to incorporate them on cards.

So, here are my two cards using some summer themed cut files! I've included links, at the bottom of this post, with the names and how to get to them in the shop.

Supplies: Pattern paper, stickers: Simple Stories, Alpha: Lily Bee Design (green), Websters Pages (pink), Ink: unknown, Die cut machine: Silhouette Studio

Papers, Alpha Stickers, Die Cuts: Simple Stories, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Ink: Gelatos by Faber Castell, Enamel Dots: Bella Blvd, Die Cut Machine: Silhouette Cameo
Here are the cut files I used:
Lake Life
Sunny Days

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This is Your Story

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I am here with a page using the August kit Live Your Dream from Inside Out Visual Journaling.

This page is about a very specific dream that I had. It had been on my heart to start an online ministry called This Is Your Story. One that geared towards empowering women to share their story. It seemed like something too big for me and it took several months of talking with friends and spending lots of time in prayer before I felt confident enough to step out in faith.

And that, to me, is what living your dream is all about. Stepping out in faith. For me, it's about trusting that God has everything in control. As I get to know His voice better, I recognize those moments that it really is HIM calling me out to do certain things. 

Sometimes, we step out and those dreams come crashing down around us. It's up to me, at that point, to decide whether I'm going to become recluse and hide from the world OR dust myself off and keep trying. 

This particular dream that I've put into reality hasn't been easy. There have been times I've thought about throwing in the towel but, each time I think about giving up, it just doesn't sit well with me. Which, leads me to believe I've got to keep at it. 

Hearts have the central focus of this page. 

Why? Because I am a firm believer that our dreams and acts of faith are a matter of the heart. Yes, the brain is involved but, man... dreaming those big dreams and feeling that "juju" deep inside... well, that's always been the heart for me. I am a heart thinker. That means emotion has a major role in what I set out to do. You better believer there have been lots of tears through this journey. Tears of pain, joy, sadness, grief, excitement, overwhelming peace, etc., etc. Good and soul-growing stuff!

I love using the paper clip on this page. A normal paper clip is what you use to keep papers together. They aren't stapled so, you can easily take out, add, etc. But, they are held firmly together, nonetheless. I like using the cute paper clip on this page because I hold my dreams tightly - especially this one. But, I live it out in such a way that has me prepared for any changes down the road. Life is an ever changing journey. Passions change and seasons chance. Dreams change. I don't want to lose sight of the big picture but, I also want to cling to what is right in front of me too - in this moment. 

I'm thankful for dreams turned into reality. 

There is a lot to be said about a person when that happens. 

Are you stepping out in faith and confidence today?

Make those dreams happen girl!

And, if you want to learn more about my online ministry, come on over and check it out. My latest post is actually all about stepping out in faith.