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there has to be a better way

Hello friend,
Today I am sharing with you something a little different than my usual writing. Every once in a while, my church leadership gives me the opportunity to teach on a Sunday morning. It's a nerve wracking and, humbling experience. I am sharing with you the written piece of the sermon I shared. Thank you for joining me! 
There was a woman who held a very important and integral place in my spiritual journey. I remember sitting in her office, when I first decided I wanted to follow Jesus and, in turn, wanted to serve by teaching Sunday School. When I walked into her office, she didn’t smile but did say hello and told me to sit. So, I did; intimidated to the core. She didn’t look me in the eye; instead, she would glance at my volunteer application, some other papers and what not. Occasionally, she would make eye contact with me yet, it was the kind of eye contact that made me want to crawl under a chair or look at the speck on the wall behind her. This woman seemed pow…

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