"Recent Events"

I thought I should expound upon the "recent events" I highlighted in my last post. The link brings you to the U.S. Embassy - Guatemala. Don't take it lightly. While Guate has always been a violent country and has actually been said as the most violent in Central America (which I don't 100% agree with), the violence has increased dramatically. An email I received from my friend Laura said there are several theories ranging from drug cartels, government rebels to gangs. It could very well be a combination of all three. It's scary. But how cool is it to serve a mighty God and know that He will never leave our side, even when serving in a "dangerous" place. "Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil for YOU are with me." I am so thankful that God still places this country heavily on my heart. I know it is because He has called me to be an intercessor for the people, the missionaries, my friends, my church of Guatemala. And I do so with a joy that has been deeply seeded into me. So I can mourn and be sad but at the same time give the burden to Jesus because He will carry it.

To add to that, I learned that a dear lady named Nulfi, who attends the church I went to down there and I am friends with her son, had a stroke that has left her with no recent memory. The last memories she has is when she was just 15. She doesn't know her husband or her children. While I didn't get to know her intensely (language was a slight barrier) I know she loves with all her heart and loves people and I felt that the year I got to be in Guatemala.

So this past week my heart has been sad... and heavy. However.... After this weekend at church, I must say that Jesus is awesome and powerful and knows exactly how to get underneath my sadness and lifts me up and takes it all into His arms. He is more than enough. He supplies, provides, gives breath.. He is the coming King and is more awesome than I can even begin to attempt to comprehend!