I should have taken before and after photos

Today has been such a fabulous day! I began today last night as I sat on my couch and decided... Monday is going to be great. I'm looking forward to Monday! I woke up in a good mood.. Still ran a few minutes behind (as per always).. but didn't let it damper my mood. All my staff was there, kids were relatively good (for preschoolers and toddlers anyway). The sun was shining and people were smiling! Yay! Something I've been itching to do the past couple of days is give my kitchen a serious wipe-down. Normally, Kaari is the uber-cleaner but I enjoy cleaning too. I just always run out of energy by the time I get home! What????? I get tired after working a 40-hour week around children? How strange....
ANYWAY.. I geared myself up while I was still at work and came home ready. I took everything off the counters and let me just say... EW. It was kind of gross. I didn't really need to know what I've been cooking around. Yuck! A little bleach, though, and now it's all sparkly.
Yay for Spring and yay for a nice clean kitchen!!

Next time I'll take some photos.