The Pandemic

The latest on the news is that the Swine Flu has hit Washington State. The media sure has a way to freak people out. I'm not quite to the "freak out" stage because I've seen so much illness working with children. I lived in a Third World country for a year and saw illness and I was susceptible to many other illnesses.
So while I'm not panicked... I love how the reporter, in the midst of a "breaking news story" tells people to NOT panic. Well, hello. When you declare this "breaking news", place a flash bar at the bottom of the American Idol tv screen and then spend the entire 30 minutes covering Swine Flu, of course people are going to panic. Duh.

Well I will just continue to do what I've always done. Wash my hands, cover my mouth with my elbow and wash my hands again, stay home when I don't feel well and know that if I do get this Swine Flu, there's a good chance I would recover and even if I do die, it won't be death - I'll be dancing with my Savior.

I think I'll be making a layout about this Swine Flu.