What a weekend

Friday evening at 5 p.m. until Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. I participated in the annual 20-hour benefit crop hosted by Treasury of Memories. I went last year too and this year proved to be as much as fun as the last. Although Dora was missing! This year I sat at quite a large table full of talented and sweet ladies. There was a ton of laughter and I got a TON done! Right after this post is done I will be uploading 9 new items to my Etsy shop so you'll need to take a little "internet walk" over there too.

It was a sweet time to sit with Samantha. Our friendship goes back to 1997 when we first met working at Claire's Boutique in Bellingham. I think it was around 2001 when we lost touch and then one day as I was shopping in Treasury of Memories (2005 I want to say??) we reconnected!! She also works at Hillcrest Kids on my staff so it was nice to have some "non-work" social time together.

I also sat with Miss Amy who inspires me to no end! I met her while attending Tuesday Card Classes at Treasury. She was and will always be the best Tuesday Card Class teacher. There, I said it!!! If I tried to list everything she has inspired in me, it would take up this entire blog. In short, she has empowered me with my creativity, to take action with my legislature and to love unconditionally.

After a long night of sleep last night I finally feel refreshed and wish the crop could have been longer. Can't wait for next year!!!!!