Dreamin of pinwheels!

Do you like the flower on this card?
I do too!!! I just love flowers in general and am always looking for new and interesting ways to make flowers. This particular way is so great because you can add some fun dimension to a seemingly "not so fun" layout or card. So are you ready to learn how to make one yourself?

Here we go!!!!!

Supplies you need: 12" strip of paper that measures about 1" in width, 5/8" hole punch, button, good strong adhesive like Zip Dry, glue dots and sand paper or an emery board.

Step 1:

Get your 12"x1" strip ready. Here, with desk glare and all, is my strip. I chose to use some beautiful MME Bloom & Grow paper. It's fun to use something with a pattern but feel free to use whatever tickles your fancy.

Step 2:
Begin to fold your strip accordion style. My folds were about 1/4" wide. Don't worry about making it perfect. Fold the entire strip. Here's a visual:

Step 3:
Now, take the ends of the strip into each hand and begin to turn the paper so it fans out and two ends touch. Need a visual? No prob!
This photo shows me about 3/4 of the way around in the circle.

Step 4:
This next step is just my technique but you can do whatever you find easiest as you make your flower. I join the ends so I can see which side will be overlapped. I do this before adding adhesive because I want to make sure it will look right. When I do this, I'm not worrying about holding the flower together quite yet.

Then I will add my adhesive to the side of the strip that is going underneath. If you look at that photo, I would put adhesive on the pieces that are in between my fingers.

Step 5:
I don't have a photo of this next step but once you adhere the ends and they are dry, then you can "mold" the papers into the flower shape.

Step 6:
Now that you have it in it's flower shape, you'll need a little help keeping it together so it doesn't pop out. I used a little daub of Zip Dry in the middle and held the flower together until it dried.

Step 7:
After the flower dries, you can begin getting the center of it ready. Adding the center circle and embellishment help cover up where the center of the flower is which is nice in case you had to use a big glue or it doesn't look right, etc. I used my 5/8" punch and used the reverse side of the Patterned Paper. I used 3/8" size glue dots to adhere the circle.

Step 8:
This is the last step! Add your final embellishment, which in my sample here is just a button. You can use a glue dot to adhere the button.

Additional Steps and Comments:
Isn't that flower too cute?? Now with this flower, I used a thicker button which I don't really care for but that's just my style. After looking at it, I would have rather used a flatter button. Also, you can add twine or ribbon to the button.. tie a bow.. or a not like on my card at the top of this post.
You can also distress your paper in between when it dries and when you add the small circle. Use your sand paper or emery board to distress the edges. You could also ink them if you'd like too.
And one last thing... this could also be a SUN or a LOLLIPOP or a PINWHEEL. The options are endless. You can make it a larger size by adding another inch to the width.

Well I hope you enjoyed this. I'm still working on a video tutorial for how to make a gift card holder. I've recorded twice but had some issues but I think I've finally come up with a final draft. Yeehaw!!!