Just a fun Sunday Post

One more day until I let you know the fun RAK that will be coming from my blog! I'll have a photo and everything and will post the details more towards evening time. Just to keep the suspense going. I don't think you all really realize how cool this is going to be.

Today I plan to do some scrapping but then also will be editing a little tutorial video I did on how to make a gift card holder. I hope to get that posted soon. I'd love your feedback when it comes up. I'm not the best on video and have no idea what I'm doing but have received lots of great compliments in person about the GC holders so I thought... why not! I'll post photos.. which turned into a tutorial which has now evolved into a video tutorial.

Do any of you battle allergies? Here in the Pacific Northwest the pollen count has been ridiculous due to late blooming trees. I'm pumped up on allergy meds but still find myself staying indoors more which totally sucks because it is GORGEOUS outside!!! I'm making due with my ceiling fan on and windows wide open. I can bring the sunshine inside, right???