My First Digi!

I've been racking up a bunch of free kits from Two Peas and had purchased some embellishment kits from there too. For the most part, I was using these things to print out items for my cards, etc. and non-commercial graphic design stuff. But now.. well, I thought what the heck! It would save me some printer ink and even though I missed feeling the glue between my fingers and the silkiness of the flowers and then fibers of the ribbon... I will admit I enjoyed it. I might just go hybrid!

All materials used are from Two Peas kits:
Michelle Coleman (MCO Wonderful Life)
Pitter Patter
Queen of Quirk - She's no Spring Chicken
Rhonna Farrer

Thanks for looking!! I must say too... I always have enjoyed Two Peas products but the shipping is so dang expensive. But NOW... well now I can just buy all their digi stuff and not have to worry about those silly shipping fees. :)