Pondering Today


June 28th, 2009

Outside my window the sun is shining with a light breeze coming through my window. I hear the neighbors building their deck and the kids playing outside. I love my neighborhood!

I am thinking... about how death has taken over the media lately and a new one was added today and how I fervently pray that everyone would come to know Jesus as their Savior because when life ends on earth, we have an everlasting life with Jesus!!!

I am thankful for… iced mochas, salsa, the freedom to worship the GOD I love, my parents and this beautiful piece of the world I get to call home for awhile.

From the kitchen chips and salsa to go with the amazing micro cheese quesadilla. MMMM.

I am wearing jean capris, black top, black feetie socks and a gorgeous necklace my mommy made.

I am creating nothing at this very second but will be working on some cards within the hour.

I am going back to work tomorrow after having a luxurious week off. Vacations are good for the soul! And it's helped me realize how much I really do love my job!!

I am reading… Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. And I just remembered where I bought my book!! I just noticed it on my shelf the other day and thought.. 'where did that come from?' and then found a book club that is just beginning to read it. I just remembered I had purchased this while in Guatemala at a missionary retreat.

I am hoping that I will be disciplined enough to go to bed early tonight. It's been so nice to go to bed and get up whenever I want to.

I am hearing… cars driving by in the distance, the drill or whatever tool at the neighbors house, the tap of my keyboard and a little Michael Jackson playing through my computer speakers. Oh and the dryer.

Around the house… All the roomies are home. Not sure what everyone is doing.. I think Kaari was still watching Pride & Prejudice.

One of my favorite things curling up in my sheets right after washing and drying them. I love the smell and that still warm feeling from pulling them out of the dryer. Also... chocolate, humor and friends. I know it just says one but that's impossible.

A few plans for the rest of the week… well it's Sunday so let me think... going back to work tomorrow so probably catching up on all the hubbub of last week, working on scrapbooking projects, making cards, hanging out with friends and getting ready for the long weekend! HK is closed on the 3rd. Yahoo!!!

Now it's your turn!!!!