She's Here!

My dear friend Holly has been in Germany for the past two years doing ministry work in Dresden. She came home last summer, in August, for a few weeks which so much fun. This time she is home for the summer and will return to Dresden for a few more months. We got to hang out yesterday for almost three hours at a favorite coffee shop. (It flew by too fast!!) Every time I'm with her I'm reminded why I just love her so much! She is such a light to those around her and a true friend. I admire her dedication to doing God's work over in East Germany and I love seeing how much she has grown and has been molded into this beautiful lady. Almost 8 years separate us in age but that doesn't hold us back from having a fabulous friendship! I think another reason why we are such great friends is that we have the same passions in life. To serve the Lord, to sing, to travel and be creative!