Bellingham Weather

I love where I live. Where else can you find all of these things so close together: the ocean, rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, big cities, farm town, hiking trails, beaches, a foreign country and a desert just on the other side of the mountains?
Yep... it's absolutely perfect living here! Except when the humidity sets in! I know it's worse in other parts of the world but just let me have a few minutes of whining okay? Yesterday we had an absolutely beautiful thunder and lightening storm. I LOVE them! Especially summer ones because the rain is warm and you can still be out in your flip flops. However, with these summer storms comes extremely high humidity. I believe it pushed up to 90% last night. Which would explain my hair today. I always wish my natural curl would stay put in my hair but it never does after awhile. But I swear my hair got wavier and wavier today. I checked the humidity and it's down to 71%. haha.. that's kind of funny to say it went down because 71 is still high! Outside it feels like I'm walking in a sweaty armpit and I swear my bedroom felt like a real sauna. Now I got the fan going which helps but I still feel..... wet..... That's the best way to describe it. And my hair is still getting curly! So yay for the waves... minus the frizz but I guess I can't be too picky... but boo to the humidity.