Bo Bunny Goodness

So the ladies over at Bo Bunny have been giving out some CHA sneak peeks and what is my reaction?

HOLY TOLEDO!!!! They ROCK! And I want my hands on all of it now!!!!

My top three favorite lines have been Cosmo Cricket, Fancy Pants and Bo Bunny. All three have made it impossible to pick just a #1 line but I think Bo Bunny might have overdone themselves this time. Rarely is it that I love every single freakin line from one manufacturer but as I browse through all of Bo Bunny's stuff.. um... yeah... love all of it.. gotta have all of it. It's delicious. If it were food, I wouldn't eat anything else. I'd become BoBunnyaterian. Yep.

Anyway get on over to check it out! I'm working on some projects for the Bo Bunny DT auditions. Oh man. What kind of heaven would I be in should I ever make that group... someday if not this time... I'll keep trying!