Is it Thursday already?

Yep and it's almost over! Don't forget about the fun RAK Challenge I've got going on. I'm so excited to see what you all do. No one has commented yet but I just mark that up to everyone digging deep into their brains to come up with great layouts! I'll be adding some paper to that RAK pack and will post photos of that paper a little bit later. I think you'll like it. :)

I am working on my layouts for the next round of sketches on scrapsketch and will post those when I'm able. I'm applying for a couple of DT's. Basically, a lot of fun things have been happening in my craft area lately!

So what have you been working on? How has your summer been going? I wish I lived in a place that would take amazing photos of the sunset I'm seeing right now! Oh man.. the sky looks like it's on fire! Alas, my hill is just not high enough to snag one of those photos that would truly capture what I know is just beyond the trees right now.