Checkin' in and latest LO for scrapsketch

Helloooooo ladies! How are your "Note to Self" projects coming? If you don't know what I'm talking about, look to the left and click on that link that says "Note to Self". It will take you to the original blog post. As a wee announcement - August is going to be the kick off month for my challenges centering around YOU! These challenges are perfect for those who have a really hard time scrapping about themselves. Call me nostalgic... or crazy... or neither one.. but my favorite thing while looking through all my Grandmother's items was finding all her little notes, yearbooks, photos and other items relating to who she was, her friends, what she liked and didn't like, her favorite stomping grounds, when she met my Grampy, etc. I LOVED it! She was a gifted writer and always was recording everything that she witnessed in life even if it seemed silly to those around her. While I know my gifting isn't necessarily writing, I do have a gift for art and creating and thought... holy shmoley, I want to leave that kind of mark through my scrapbooking. Why do we scrapbook?? Isn't it because we want to document history in a creative way? Why can't it be about you? Why do layouts need to always have your children or your spouse or other people you know in them? YES.. they are important and YES keep scrapping them but hey... let's not neglect ourselves either.

So as I've said in previous posts, this may be a very difficult journey for some of us. I already have a list of challenges coming up and some may cause us to go into therapy if we haven't already been through it! My challenges won't always require you to share with the rest of the world but I would at least love to hear in the comments section that you enjoy the challenges and want more of them and are participating! The more light hearted ones will usually include some kind of RAK. I'm not rich so I'll try to limit these to every other month or something but generally it will be a gift card somewhere. That seems to be the easiest.

With that said...

How about a layout?? Here is my latest one for scrapsketch:

Patterned paper and chipboard letters - Scenic Route
Stamp used for the background of the journal card - Fiskars
Twine and charm embellie - stash

Jana and I met while I was teaching in Guatemala. We both taught at the same school - she was the 1st grade teacher and I was the Music (K-5) and Art (1st - 12th) teacher. There were just a few of us "young adult" gringas who were single and we latched onto one another quite easily. It was great to have these friendships. They really helped me as I transitioned into the Guatemalan life away from my other friends and family. In this photo we were at McDonalds on an afternoon outing to Antigua. I rarely eat at McDonalds in the states but let me tell you it is a whole other experience in another country!! First, it was kind of nice to have a meal that was "American" sometimes. McDonalds delivers down there AND the staff take pride in their job. No job is any better than any other job. The people are so happy to have work and a paycheck. We were even waited on once at our table! Have you ever ordered a McFlurry from your table??? This particular McD's had a beautiful courtyard inside and we, of course, had to have a photo with Ronald. I love my memories from down there and Guatemala will always hold a HUGE part of my heart. It's my second home. :)