Thursday, August 27, 2009

an NSBR post

ETA: The invites are DONE!!!! **happy dance**

Kind of. Today I'm burnt out. I'm exhausted. Tired. Ugh. I've not been very wise with my time so it seems and I just haven't been motivated or excited enough to produce any quality layouts. I love scrapping digi but I've found that I'm doing it because I'm lazy. Truthfully, it takes a lot more work to use paper and glue. And I just feel so much more accomplished when I create something in 3-dimensions than I do when I make something on the computer. But I still love digi and will continue to use from time to time. Probably mostly hybrid stuff.

All that to say.... I woke up this morning and was almost in tears when my alarm went off. My body hurt like I had ran a marathon the day before. All this activity I've piled upon myself has finally caught up. My brain is mush! Between work, my business, new scrappy stuff, scrapping deadlines and other life things.... I'm FRIED! I've got a client who only has 65 invitations which really isn't too bad but it's a lot of steps to complete them. I'm pacing myself to complete 10 a day. I'm almost half way. But it's exhausting to come home after working 8 hours at my regular job to do this other job. And because of that, I lose mojo to do any other creating. SO SAD!

Thankfully, I have the best boss in the world. Today I confessed my silliness of piling on too much but would it all be possible to take a personal day tomorrow. After she thought about it.. for a short while... she approved it! YAYAYAYAY!! So here is my goal.. my dear readers.. that you need to hold me accountable to. I plan to do my 10 invites tonight and I really need to do 20 tomorrow. HAVE to! Because I want to be DONE! So I can focus on some fun things again. I need to sleep in a bit tomorrow and begin my day slowly. I need to take a break to make a card or a layout, etc. and just enjoy the day.

What have I learned from this? To pace myself. But will it really ever happen? Highly doubtful. But I will try harder.


Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

Hey Melissa! At least you're brave enough to admit when you need some help (or just a break!) Treat yourself to a walk in the fresh air tomorrow once your done with the invites - and then get busy with that glue x

TrayChic said...

I know the feeling of just needing a personal day. My mom always called them "personal health days." Hope you get the rest you need!

Kim said...

Oh Melissa! I hear what you're saying. I am glad you can take a day tomorrow to breathe, and focus. Good luck on getting the invites done. Hugs and happy Friday!

Melissa said...

Melissa, enjoy deserve it. Get caught up, then have some chocolate and relax!

Melissa Elsner said...

Aw you ladies are the best! Good news - I finished the invites! Yahoo! And I will definitely partake of some chocolate.

Pat said...

Take care of yourself. Enjoy your day.