this boy

You see this boy?He's pretty cute right? This is my "nephew" who I have adopted thanks to my best friend Dora. He's her real nephew but because my bestie and I have hung out so much through the years, our families have adopted each other and to this sweetie pie... I'm "Auntie Li". (And that is pronounced like the "li" at the beginning of "lick") When he was a wittle cutie pie, he couldn't pronounce my full name so I became "Auntie Li". Since he has grown up, I won't let him call me by my full name because I just LOVE being called "Li". His younger brother calls me the same. These photos were taken about two years ago at Mallards. We had a fun night of ice cream, goofing off and taking turns with the camera.

By the by... this layout is using the latest Friday Sketch Challenge from scrapsketch! You should go try it. I loved it!