Three posts in one day!

Whoa nelly!!!! Well, I had so much fun challenging you all to do a layout about yourself, I thought I would do another one. This particular challenge will go the entire month of August and I will be gathering up items for another RAK. Come back for the list of items that will be in that RAK but keep reading to find out about this challenge:

1. Have you ever wanted to or wished you could go back in time and leave a note to yourself about something? I'm reminded of this thanks to watching that classic movie, Back to the Future. You remember the scene when Marty leaves a sealed note to Doc when he's back in time to warn him he'll be shot by those ... whatever they were.. in the future? I can think of many times in my life where I wish someone would remind me certain things about myself. Well, here's your chance to write yourself a note. I posted this layout before but here it is again:

I've been known to have somewhat low self esteem. It's getting better. My faith has helped me a lot as God has proven to me He made me beautiful in HIS time.

2. Here is your challenge. Make a layout or other project with the theme being "Note to Self". Include a photo of yourself or something symbolizing what you are writing in your note.

3. Come back here and post a link to your project in the comments box. And that's all you need to do to qualify! I won't even ask you to be a follower of my blog. I just want you to come away feeling challenged and inspired.

4. The RAK will be somewhat small this time around but I hope that you participate not because you'll get something tangible out of it. I hope that you participate because you want to grow and stretch yourself personally. Again, this can be a difficult task for some so go as deep as you want to since you'll be sharing what you did on a public site.

Alright everyone. You have until August 31! Let us all know in the comments that you plan to participate too! I just like to explore fellow paper crafter blogs because I'm nosy so don't feel like you can't chat with me until you get the project done. Sillies. ;)