Monday, August 3, 2009

Three posts in one day!

Whoa nelly!!!! Well, I had so much fun challenging you all to do a layout about yourself, I thought I would do another one. This particular challenge will go the entire month of August and I will be gathering up items for another RAK. Come back for the list of items that will be in that RAK but keep reading to find out about this challenge:

1. Have you ever wanted to or wished you could go back in time and leave a note to yourself about something? I'm reminded of this thanks to watching that classic movie, Back to the Future. You remember the scene when Marty leaves a sealed note to Doc when he's back in time to warn him he'll be shot by those ... whatever they were.. in the future? I can think of many times in my life where I wish someone would remind me certain things about myself. Well, here's your chance to write yourself a note. I posted this layout before but here it is again:

I've been known to have somewhat low self esteem. It's getting better. My faith has helped me a lot as God has proven to me He made me beautiful in HIS time.

2. Here is your challenge. Make a layout or other project with the theme being "Note to Self". Include a photo of yourself or something symbolizing what you are writing in your note.

3. Come back here and post a link to your project in the comments box. And that's all you need to do to qualify! I won't even ask you to be a follower of my blog. I just want you to come away feeling challenged and inspired.

4. The RAK will be somewhat small this time around but I hope that you participate not because you'll get something tangible out of it. I hope that you participate because you want to grow and stretch yourself personally. Again, this can be a difficult task for some so go as deep as you want to since you'll be sharing what you did on a public site.

Alright everyone. You have until August 31! Let us all know in the comments that you plan to participate too! I just like to explore fellow paper crafter blogs because I'm nosy so don't feel like you can't chat with me until you get the project done. Sillies. ;)


charli said...

cool idea...totally stretching oneself.

And weren't they some kind of terrorists in the movie? I still like that movie and Michael J. Fox.

Note to self:try this challenge!
ps love this lo.

Linda aka Oz said...

wow, 3 things came to mind instantly! I so wanna try this. Linda aka Oz

Elise said...

What a great idea! I love THIS! You're darling! You already KNOW that some of us are SHY until we have the goods! Way to go, intuitive one! I'm going to put this in my "hopper" (*think*think*think!)! I'm so glad I found you...

Oh wait! LINDA AKA OZ dared me to check you out! She's a crafty little vixen! Hee Hee I hope to have something for you soon!

Jen said...

Hi Melissa, I'm another escapee from Hero Arts flickr group directed this way from Linda- sounds like a great challenge, I'm keen!

charli said...

Ok, Meliss and you HA gals, here's my entry.

I'm so glad I did this. I used my fave colors, a pic of me when I was young and on the beginning of my adult life, with my mom and best friend.

Jen said...

Hi Melisa, I'm back!
This time with a layout entry for this challenge. It is on this blog post

Thanks for the challenge :)

Hero said...

Ok, I have a layout that I am willing to put forth. whew, what a challenge. This is not easy. I looked at your new blog and I am impressed. I will try to get something to put up there too. Here goes:

I hope you ENJOY! Linda aka Oz

Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

I love this idea. I often think about writing a letter to myself to open when I'm older, but in the past? Pretty awesome. I'd avoid wearing mis-matching socks in neon colours and I doubt I'd buy all those shoes that don't fit properly.

Emily said...

This layout inspires me :)