Tour de Crafty Space

Over the weekend I purged, cleaned, organized and decorated. I did a few things I've been meaning to do forever and have now, finally, finished my crafty space. I'm still getting supplies to rig a layout display on my wall though.

I mostly wanted to show my craft area because it shares space with my bedroom. I, however, have a HUGE bedroom. I love having the space but I also love having a homey feel to my room. So dividing the room up has helped create that "smaller room" effect. Even so, the bedroom is still honkin!

So welcome to my room everybody. This photo gives you a little idea of how I separated the room. That curtain is indeed hanging from the ceiling. I would have it come farther across but I have a ceiling fan which I LOVE in the heat but for decor purposes... it's just in the way! I really need to get a dust ruffle for my bed because that is just tacky....

Ta da! My official craft space. Cute isn't it? Let's get a closer look.

This here is where I'm sitting when I'm chatting and typing with you all. It's also my business hub. The files on the wall hold client info and the supplies under my printer and on the floor there are all my Wedding Invitation business stuff. Do you like those metal baskets on the wall?? Got them on clearance at JoAnn's forever ago and I LOVE them. I finally got them hung on the wall and I must say they make mailing supplies look fab. And do you see that beautiful wrist rest by my computer? You too can have one from this lovely shop. She happens to be an AMAZING friend of mine and does quality work.

And now the crafty organization begins. That clear file drawer thing holds my stamp storage, chipboard, envelopes, photos and Holiday supplies. The brown shelves have already made cards, composition books waiting to be altered, other embellishments, embossing gun, packaging tape and more clear drawers holding flowers, ribbon, stickers, other adhesives, etc.

On top is my "RAK mailing hub". Any kits or RAKs I've put together get to hang out there until the lucky winner is picked. Oh and you see all those 12x12 binders. Those hold layouts done so far. I need to get more binders.....

Hey and there they are again next to my lovely Target find! A 12x12 sized craft keeper. I keep all my 12x12 paper here and there are two embellishment drawers too that hold a ton of my embellies. My small collection of paints are on top.

Sewing machine... bulletin board displaying my business license, inspiration, LSS calendar, a card from Jennifer McGuire, Kaiser rub-ons that wouldn't fit anywhere nicely...

More sewing machine and sewing notions storage.

Another great Target find. These fab drawers hold my punches, dymo labeler, acetate scraps and such. My chipboard letters are alphabatized in those large clear craft totes. And some Amy Butler fabric hanging out waiting to go on a project. You can also see my collection of totes for crops. I have several. ;)

Under the desk! YES.. I utilize every single spot! Under here I have a binder full of stickers. Organized by type and color and theme.. sometimes brand. (Monica from Friends would be so proud....). That brown file holder thing contains my Thickers. Yep... my Thickers deserve their very own tote. I also have a couple of pieces of canvas, a box that I altered to hold ribbon and another ribbon tote. YES.. I LOVE RIBBON!!!! And that other blue thing is the garbage can.

My place of refuge. I have a small space to work on but it works out perfect. I love where my windowsill is because I can store my buttons up there. My tru lite (which was on clearance at Target and isn't all that great) which stores little things that appear out of nowhere and don't really have a home.

So there you go folks! My crafty space! It's all going to move around again soon. I'm getting a new desk and I'll have to move things away from the wall as that's where my heat vent is. Kind of stupid to put it under the window don't you think? Oh well....

There is so much going on right now!!! The current Note To Self challenge on my blog ends today. The lucky winner will get a $10 G.C. to Two Peas. I'll be picking that winner tomorrow. And things are going WILD at All About Me. It's so crazy how it has just exploded over there. I'm loving it!!!! The DT reveal will be happening way earlier than originally planned but that's okay. There's a partial DT reveal on the message board right now. I love it. It's driving those ladies crazy. ;)