Good Morning Sunshine!

It is early here!  Although I do get up on a regaular bases around 4:45 a.m. during the work week.  I have to be at work by 6:30 afterall.  It's really painful for someone who is a night owl trying to be a morning person.  Really painful.  Well the Design Team reveal has happened over on All About Me and I am so happy with I chose.  It was extremely difficult as there were several I had to turn down but wished I could have just said yes and had a huge DT.  In fact, the DT is larger than I had originally planned but I thought it would be good to have diversity - different ages, different styles, different cultures.  It's going to be a beautiful thing!  With each person's "reveal" I included their "about me" layout they had to submit with the application.  (There is some gorgeous layouts by the way).  Of course, I didn't have to submit but here is the one I made:

This layout was hard.  Really hard.  But therapeutic.  It doesn't look like much but let me just tell you the story.  First of all, that photo is from a really goofy photo I took with my friend Danielle.  As I was trying to decide what I would scrap, I saw my facial expression up closer.  Even though I'm completely being a dork, I saw some truth in that facial expression too.  I love the mixture of showing a little bit of fear but still facing whatever it is that is trying to get my attention.  It's almost a longing type of look.  My eyes want to turn all the way to look at this thing but I'm still a little bit nervous.  (How cool to get that from a dorkified photo!!!!)

Then I thought about a butterfly.  I'm looking at a butterfly!  Why?  Because butterflies are beautiful and free.  That went through a painful process to get from caterpillar to butterfly and look at them now!  Fluttering so gracefully from flower to flower, showing off their beautiful new wings.  I thought to myself... hey... I went through a painful process!  I was a caterpillar minding my own business when someone decided to steal my innocence.  I went through the painful process of having to grow up figuring out what was wrong with me... why it happened... why I was making such bad choices... wondering around this world so lost and confused.  Until one day I acknowledged this issue was so much bigger than I was and that there some Someone who would hold me by the hand and lead me through this painful process of redemption and recovery.  God is so good!  So I picture myself as that butterfly.  Having gone through the painful process of acknowledging what happened to me was not my fault, was the root of many of my choices and how I treated people and myself and was something that I didn't have to let hold me down!  I could fly!  I can fly!  It still scares me sometimes and I remember at first, I didn't believe I could have that freedom.  But I can and will and still do.  So thank you Jesus for being my everything and showing me love, grace, forgiveness and freedom.  It's been a painful but well worth it journey!