happy weekend of laboring!

In the U.S. it is Labor Day weekend.  I suppose we celebrate this by not laboring.  Hey we get a three day weekend here too!! Pretty nice huh?  So instead of laboring at my day job, I'm "laboring" in my crafty place.  My little sanctuary!  Today I am working on an altered composition book that will end up being a gift.  So much work has gone into it that I won't want to sell it for a measly $8 like my others.  This one has fabric.. and buttons.. and so much more.  So since I know I won't get $50 for it... it will be a gift.  Who likes Amy Butler fabric???? ;)  I'll show you a photo when it's all done.  It's sitting in the corner right now because I got creative block with it.  In the meantime I was inspired by Tray who posted her little tutorial that she found from somewhere else in making "Serendipity Squares".  I thought... how cute are those??? And what a fantastic use of scraps!  So here are a couple of cards I made using the technique:

There are too many different brands of PP here to list.  I'm sure if you look close enough you'll recognize several!  Thanks for swinging by here!  I'm off to make some more crafty things!