Is it already Thursday?

Well I've been one sick puppy the past couple of days and I'm ready to be better. Now.  Tuesday night I woke up about 11:30 p.m. with a major sore throat and immediately knew what was going on.  Hello Strep Throat.  Oh how I missed you.  NOT!  So Wednesday I went to the doctor to have that affirmed, got my meds and I finally feel like I'm the road to recovery.  This has been the worse case of Strep I've ever had.  My head has had non-stop throbbing, my throat is finally feeling better but my sinus' are all stuffed up now too.  Ugh.  I've had a fever on and off so took ibuprofen for awhile but switched to my handy dandy Aleve.  
So no chances to be crafty.  I've wanted to be.  I just got confirmed for the first craft show of the season and it's really not that far away in "crafting days".  Now I'm just waiting to hear back about the other one's date.  Hope to come back soon with some more exciting posts!  I got my back-up camera nearby and it's ready to snap some photos of some projects.  Now... where did my energy go?  Time for another nap!