Layout for AAM Challenge #1

If I live to be 100......

How would I finish that sentence?  I knew my answer before I even realized that the journaling prompt came from a song I know.  "If I live to be 100 and never see the seven wonders...."   Well.  I KNOW that if I live to be 100.. I BETTER have seen the seven wonders and then some!  My passport better be stamped a trillion times.  In fact, I better have about TEN passports PACKED with stamps.  I love to travel so much and wish I had the funds to do it more often. 

Anyway.. here is my layout:

I'm at about mediocre with this layout.  It didn't turn out quite like I had imagined it to and I'm disappointed that the photo doesn't show the stitching as well as it's seen in person.  I stitched a TON on the patterned paper.. in circles and circles and circles to symbolize traveling around the world.  (There's a lot of symbolism in this layout).  My photos are of me trying to think (sarcastically) of what I would do should I live to be 100.  (Sarcastic to me because it's a no-brainer).  The second photo is my A-HA! and then the arrow pointing to my lovely passport!  That thing is so wrinkled.. I love it!  Those butterflies symbolize the freedom to go... they are flying on the stitched areas and hanging out with the pretty flowers!  Yahoooo!!!! 
So there is the whole story.  There are a few things I wished to have done differently with this layout but.. you know... all of them can't be perfect I suppose. :)
You, too, can participate in this challenge over on the AAM Blog.  There is a lovely RAK for the month if you choose to participate and you can see the rest of the incredibly talented DT's layouts!!!