Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Alright... so for the "Note To Self" challenge, guess how many entries we had?  FOUR!  That's IT!!! Silly ladies.  But that's okay because that just makes the odds better for the winner who is..... *drumroll*...

Okay now this is how I chose the winner..
1. Charli
2. Jen
3. Linda aka Oz
4. Heather (she wasn't able to leave a comment but emailed me.)

And here is the number that Random Generator gave me:


So congratulations Linda aka Oz!  You just won a $10 G.C. to Two Peas.  Would you please send me your email?  Not sure that I have it anywhere.

Tomorrow I'm going to share the layout that's posted on the AAM Blog.  It has a great story to go with it so please do come back.  I just don't want to steal Linda's thunder today. ;)