Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alright already!

I need to know from all of you who seem to always have fabulous lighted photos of your layout how in the WORLD do you do it?  What kind of lights do you have?  The weather here is so dark lately and it's hard to get a well lighted photo.  I suppose I could use the bathroom.  That seems to have good lighting, I just don't want it to look like the bathroom... you know?

Tips most appreciated!!!


Arlene said...

too bad you don't live nearby!!! I take the photos at my shop...the front is all pretty much desirable light.

Hayley G said...

I have white foam core boards, and then I change the white balance setting on my camera to accomodate the extra warmth from indoor lighting. It can be touch and go though sometimes. Nothing beats natural light. Evah!

Melissa Elsner said...

Thanks ladies! Arlene.. how fun would WE have if we lived near each other??? A girl can only dream. ;)

I just took a photo with my layout hanging from the bathroom mirror. The lighting in there is awesome. I just hope it doesn't look obvious it's in a bathroom. Ha!

And Hayley... I'll have to try that next!