Blast from the Past

So I was going through some old photos with the intention of organizing all of them and then putting them on CD's.  But I always get so distracted.  I came across this layout I did of a resolution I made in 2008 and just started to giggle.  It's definitely still a favorite of mine but it's kind of a milestone layout for me.  It began to define my style a little more and that I can do things "differently".  Besides all that, I just love what my resolution is... to laugh more!  To have fun!  Put my chin up!  I think I'm going to always keep this as a resolution and scrap it every year.  What do you think?  Use a new photo.... maybe a new approach but same overall theme... laughing is good for the soul.  We all need to do it more often! 
Hope your Wednesday is going well and that you are finding time to be creative!