12 Days of Christmas

The current series of challenges over at Faith Sisters is scrapping the 12 Days of Christmas.  I love learning the meaning and reasoning behind songs.  Especially during the time when this particular song was written.  Songs had more reasons other than just someone wanting to put a poem to melody.  There was always something else hidden behind the words.  So here is a brief description:

In the 16th century, England proclaimed an official state church, and any other religious teaching was strictly forbidden.  So for the next 3 centuries, those who refused to join the state church developed creative ways to teach children their beliefs.  One popular method was to use lyrics and song.

This cheerful song, about a generous benefactor who loved to give, could be freely sung without ever using God's name, because "my true love" refers to God.
How cool is that?  Sad these people had to hide what they were teaching but it just makes this song even better... it's not a silly, nonsense Christmas song!  I did a digi-layout for the 1st challenge which was given awhile back but I hadn't been part of the site back then.  So I'm trying to catch up:

When I'm finished, I want to send all the images off to be printed so that I'll have a book to keep for a lifetime and to share with others!