Happy Monday!

Hey everyone!

I don't know about you but I got a lot of scrapping done over the weekend. In fact, I didn't do much else. Forgot to eat lunch as a matter of fact! Several cards were made but the funny thing is I don't like any of them! Have you ever done that? Sat and worked for a few hours... finished several things... and then sat back with a disgusted sigh because they all.. quite frankly.. sucked? I tested out a few new techniques and tried to make up one of my own and the result was a big fat FAIL! But that's how it's done I suppose!

Instead of sharing what I made, I've been scouring places for inspiration and found these lovely places and creations:

Sketchabilities - I'm always a sucker for sketches and recently came upon this fairly new sketch site. Her sketches are delightful and just my style. I did a layout over the weekend using sketch from the Oct 15 reveal. I'll have to show you later once I get a decent photo.

Heidi over at Caardvarks made this beautiful card. I just love how she colored in that stamp. And what a stunning card to boot!

Sometimes when I need a little pick me up and coffee isn't really helping, I just like to go to Amy Butlers website and allow her beautiful fabrics to help me out a bit. I am in LOVE with her newest line called... LOVE! I am drooling over the quilt!!!!

That's about it! I'm off to get some more mojo going and possibly jump back into the card making! Maybe the next batch I make won't be so bleh. It's a short week for me this week! Hope all of you in the U.S. have a great holiday!!!