How happy was I to see this layout:

on Faith Sisters!  I just love this site so much and feel so honored that my layout would be part of the list of other gorgeous layouts featured. 

I also wanted to share the layout I made using the October 15th reveal sketch over at Sketchabilities:

I've gotten to where I really enjoy using a white background and working with the white space.  I was drawn to the sketch almost immediately and knew exactly what photos I wanted to use!  I found that Scenic Route paper at a paper crafting garage sale a month ago.  Lucky me!  It's almost gone again but I just need to hold onto it a little bit longer since SR is bye bye now. :(  I'll miss the chipboard the most I think.  But the Providence line was a lot of fun to use. 

Oh and before I forget... I was given this sweet award from Jo:

Isn't she a sweety?   So I need to tell you 7 interesting things about myself:
  1. My favorite thing about eating cheeto's is when the cheesy gets all over my fingers and I can lick it off.
  2. I'm not afraid of confrontation.
  3. I love Jesus and I'm not afraid to share that. :)
  4. The spelling of 'creative' on this award kind of bugs me.  (But I still LOVE it.)
  5. I love watching Hallmark Channel sappy holiday movies.
  6. I have one tooth that is slightly gray thanks to a knee boarding accident when I was 19.  I'm so hard core!!!!
  7. I hate ironing.
Now I get to choose 7 others to share this with.  And that's just so hard to do so I'm going to choose the EIGHT fabulous AAM DT gals that have blogs.  Do with it as you wish ladies and know that I think you ROCK! :)