How I find Peace

We have a special challenge for you over at All About Me!

How do you find peace?  What do you do in those moments of chaos to calm yourself?  When I begin to feel my heart and mind race, music always works.  I sit at my piano and begin to sing songs to Jesus and I begin to feel the weight of the world lift off my shoulders.  Sipping a good cup of tea, a nice nap and a hot stone massage help too. ;)

Why not come join us?  Don't you need one more thing to do during this holiday madness??  Maybe you'll begin to feel that peace settle in as you huddle in your crafty corner away from the kids demands and all those other pesky tasks that seem to pile up! 

I will not be posting another blog post until next week.  I will be busy with holiday happenings.  I pray your Christmas is a wonderful one and I'll see you next week!