Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jorge is here!

My roommates and I went out on a Christmas Tree hunting excursion today. We first had to stop to find a tree stand and some rope!

Here in Bellingham, Washington it is FREEZING. To us anyway. With the windchill it was about 0 degrees. Lovely weather for tree shopping but we were definitely cozy in the subie!

After a few stops we finally found the best Noble Fir ever. Meet Jorge the Noble! He's a little over 6 ft tall.

Jorge might have had the best seat on the Subie if it hadn't been subzero today with the wind! Brrrr!!!

Right now I am sitting on the living room floor watching a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, taking in the lovely smells of Jorge the Noble Fir. We love him and hope he sticks around through Christmas.

P.S. Jorge is almost all the way decorated. I don't want to show photos until we get the topper and skirt. Heh... Jorge in a skirt...


kirsten michelle said...

You all are so cute!! And Jorge is a wonderful looking tree. I can't wait to come for a visit. :o)

charli said...

love the pics!

Keely Yowler said...

Too Cute! So happy to be on the Sketchabilities team with you :)

lisa westphal said...

Jorge is gorgeous! :) -And I'm sitting here laughing because last week (about the time of this post) we too were watching a 'cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie!' -Ours was 'A Dog Named Christmas'. . .wondering if yours was too!?! :) he-he!