Can you believe a new challenge goes up at All About Me already?  It snuck up on me!  I have to confess that I didn't get my layout finished until last night and it's a digi one!  I went digi for a few reasons.  First, I'm learning a bit more about Photoshop and recently figured out the trick to getting my photos successfully into frames... especially those funky ones that turn different ways or have different shapes.  You Photoshop pros might giggle a bit at me but I just finally figured out that I can use the eraser on one layer! I think I had used it this way before when I was learning how to make a black and white photo with a pop of color but it just didn't really click at what I was doing.  That is until yesterday when I began to experiment.  In order to experiment some more and use some of the fab digi supplies I have, I may just go digi the rest of the month.  Woot!

I'll leave you with one of the photos from the layout... 

See you tomorrow!