Worthy of a blog post? Probably not.

Actress Brittany Murphy shown here in Los Angeles on December 3, 2009, has reportedly died.
(Michael Bezjian/WireImage/Getty Images)

I'm surprised at how much this affected me upon reading the news.  Brittany Murphy dead from a cardiac arrest.   I was never a fan of hers but I sure was a Clueless junky.  Something about that movie sucked me in and I thought she was cute back then.  Perhaps it's because she was my age and death becomes just a bit more of a reality.  I know it's real... but it makes your heart pitter pat stronger when someone from your generation passes.

Well, I'm sure the news will have a hay day with this so let's move onto something else so you're not overloaded with Brittany ....

A post of my baking adventures coming soon!