Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bathroom overhaul

Every year I treat myself with a little something when I get my tax return.  Last year I got my beautiful Canon MP620 printer that I still adore!  This year I've decided to redecorate my bathroom and if I'm under budget, I might get a new duvet cover for my bed.  I'm really into citrus colors but I've also been drawn to the brown and blue color combo.  This is what I've seen in person and am contemplating:



and I think I just liked this one because it reminded me of patterned paper...

So.. now it's just narrowing it down.  The towels are pretty much decided.  I want to work around those colors and then get a patterned fabric shower curtain.  What do you think??


Stephanie said...

Hey! This is Steph725 from 2Peas!

Oh I just LOVE the first set..the brown, blue, and beige design. Where is that from??

We totally have the same printer, love it!

Melissa Elsner said...

Hiya Steph!

I think I'm loving the first set too.. It's from Bed Bath & Beyond!

kirsten michelle said...

Oooh, good options all!! I totally dig those first and last shower curtains. Is Kaari's thing for blue and brown catching on?? ;o)

Rach H said...

I love the color choice! I decorated my boyfriend's bathroom in those colors. I like the first and second curtain best, and I love the last one that looks like patterned paper!