Super Sunday!

Super size it Sunday?  That's kind of a fun title.  Yet it's not going to be that amazing of a post here.  No photos of layouts to share unfortunately.  But I am working and creating with much gusto right now!  And there are a pile of projects to photograph.  Woot!

Just a few things....

There is a Design Team call at All About Me.  Get your tushy over there and check it out.

My fab Canadian friend Melissa is having a SUPER cool blog candy giveaway right now.  I kind of didn't want to share about it because my chances to win would become slimmer. (TEEHEE!) But then I felt guilty.  Sigh.

Four words.  Hashbrowns. Eggs. Gorgonzola. Coffee.  That's going to be my morning soon. 

Oh and I have to ask myself... what the heck am I doing up this early on a Sunday????  Going back to lay in bed a bit longer.  Ugh.


P.S.  How sad am I for not going to Winter CHA this year?  Waaah!  I really want to go.  Maybe next year.  Anyone want to buy my plane ticket, hotel room and pass???????? ;)