Welcome weekend!

This has been quite a crazy week.  I've taken on a new volunteering gig at a local coffee shop which has been a ton of fun!  At work we have been hit by a stomach plague.  Yesterday we had over 15 kids and 6 staff members out.  That's a lot.  It's never been like that before.  Today we had about the same amount of staff and kids out.. it's making the rounds.  I'm praying I don't get it!  Don't even want it!

I'm a couple of days late posting this..

The page this week for Faith Sisters is creating a layout with your family tree.  I was only able to complete my dad's side of the family.  I'm so thankful to have this photo of my great-great grandparents and all their children when they first came to the area I live in now.  My grandpa is the little boy standing up.  Cute!  Someday, when I get photos and a little more info, I'll do my mom's side of the family.  This My Lifetime Story Challenge is tough and is taking a ton of work!  Had no idea!!  We'll see as the layouts progress but it will be so worth it when it's complete. 

Alright.. I don't even have the energy to give all the credits of what I used in that layout.. I see a little bit of Claudi Designs and Sweet Tomato Designs... Oh and a lil Shabby Princess. 

Now I'm off to crack open a bottle of this...

And I'm really looking forward to it... :)

Happy Weekend!!