Oh computers.  Ya love 'em and ya hate 'em.  One of these days I will be able to afford a Mac.  In the meantime I have a Sony laptop which has been amazing but it's starting to act up.  So here is my plea to anyone out there...

I am poor.  But need some help.  The little power icon keeps blinking the "plug" part and shows my power cord isn't staying connected.  Which means my battery isn't charging.  The power cord is fine.  It works and is brand new.  So I'm thinking it's my battery or something wrong with the hook-up or it could just be another stupid quirk with Windows Vista. 

Anybody out there?  If you are in my area, I'd especially love your help!  Thank goodness for back-up computers but now I have install my Silhouette software on another laptop that's not mine.  Oh well.  I'm so glad I did a back-up of everything before and am so glad my mom doesn't mind me uploading stuff to her laptop.  Just nice to have your own, you know???

Now I'll go back to working on layouts!  Fun stuff!!!