Hi I'm Still Here!

Nothing creative to post quite yet.  Although I've been working on plenty of projects.  My computer has a virus.  I'm pretty sure.  And the operating system is all funky.  Thank goodness for friends.  Hopefully I can get it fixed soon because I sure miss it!  And that's partly why I haven't been able to blog as often as I would like because I lack the immediate luxury of a computer.  Oh well.

In the meantime, I've noticed exactly how much time I'm sucked away by the computer vortex.  Eek!  Suddenly, I had time to iron, clean the bathroom and spend time with the friends.  Imagine that!  Internet time is NOT the same as reality folks.  So I'll be re-evaluating my commitments, once again, when it comes to the internet.  Exactly how many online communities do I really need to be a part of?  Do I really need to check everything online?  Couldn't I just buy the newspaper?  I really do like looking through the ads.  There is alot of convenience to having the internet but I think all the "entertainment" stuff is going to be condensed immensely!

Thanks for still coming by to say hi!  Oh I do have one little plug... The Non-Stop Crop for Haiti has begun at the AAM forum.  Registration is technically free.  What that means is... the way to register is to simply state how you supported Haiti.  Now the name of the crop might extend to Non-Stop Crop for Haiti, Japan and Chile.  My goodness.  So why not??  How have you helped out?  Send an email to allaboutmechallenge@gmail.com to get registered.  Just tell us how you helped out and then we'll tell you the rest.

Peace, love and chicken grease... a little less of the grease...

Who is watching the Olympics closing ceremonies tonight??  I get to watch them live thanks to CTV.. Yay!