Yes I did...

and the last time I did was almost 16 years ago!

I went rollerskating! And boy was it fun!  Can you imagine a bunch of thirty-somethings taking over the roller rink on a Saturday night??  Well we did.  We brought back the 80's and it was grand!  After gripping the side wall about three times around the rink, the familiar feeling of balancing on wheels came back.  By the end of the night I was zooming around the track almost as fast as some of those whipper snappers!  At one point I got a little over confident and almost biffed it.  It would not have been a pretty sight but, somehow, I managed to maintain almost all my balance until I could get to the wall. 

This photo cracks me up.  I thought for sure we'd all be posing the same but I guess I'm the only "model".  Ha!  Can't wait to do a crazy fun layout with these!  Oh.. and would you believe your arms can be sore a couple days after skating??  I guess you do use your whole body!  What a GREAT workout!  You can be sure I'll be returning the rink soon! :)