Monday, March 29, 2010

Another business post

Hey all.. please forgive me once again for using my blog as a business tool. But you know, every good business person uses all their resources, right?? :)

I'm launching a big advertisement launch of my custom invitation business.  So far we've got the website, a Facebook page, a blog and now... TWITTER!

I'd love to network with you or even just have you follow/join/fan one of these sites.  There's no catch at all.  I just appreciate the support as I continue this business venture and get serious about spreading the word. :)

Hey.. and tomorrow is the last day to get your layouts in for the current challenge at AAM.  On Wednesday our DT Member Rachel will be posting a special blog post and announcing the winner of the March prize!  Weeee!!!!

hugs and knuckle bumps to all!


charli said...

Good luck with the biz! Just a couple of constructive comments (I hope)...the lighting on your first invite is a little dark...can you go in and brighten it a bit? and you might want to have some examples of whimsical invites and not just serious ones. I don't know what that would be, except maybe a digi illustration that's a bride and groom in outline or something. I know, so helpful, right? These invites are somewhat formal or serious if that's what you're going for...and it might well be! I just thought I'd throw in my impressions for your consideration.

Melissa Elsner said...

Thanks for the input Charli! I will definitely take them into consideration. My invites lean towards a more elegant look. Whimsical would be fun though! I'll think about it!