Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scrappers block

It got me.  I have it.  Eek!  I sat at my craft table yesterday working on a wedding project for a friend and lost all motivation to keep going.  But I forced myself to finish what I had started, hoping for that little mojo to kick in... alas... I just got irritated and tired.

I know this happens.  I just hate it when it does because I LOVE to create!  So, I'm taking my extra time out on other things like..... laundry... ironing... cleaning the bathroom... YUCK!!

Usually after I look in one of my mags or an online gallery some of that mojo comes back but this time it didn't work.  I've got deadlines coming up!  What's a girl to do????
My last way to get the moj is to clean up my crafty area.  I'll try that next.

What do you do to get your mojo back?  Same as I do?  Got any other fun ways you do?? Love to hear them!



Lydia said...

I'm stuck in the same spot as you!! I get this way mostly when I am stressed!! I do all the things that you are doing!! but here is the weird thing that I have to do when I get like this. What I have to do is force it!! Reach out and pick up something, anything and use it. Right now, go to you kitchen and grab your favorite mug and let that be you inspiration. Pull the colors, use a moose{that is what is on my mug}. Narrow it down!! I find I get overwhelmed and just end up looking at others work for hours until I am to tired to be inspired. Good luck girl I am rooting for yah!

Clair said...

Hey Lovely. It sounds to me as though you're a little bit stressed, so you need to chill out. Try not to force it.

If I'm still in the mood to create but not scrap, I'll try a different craft. Failing that, go for a really long walk in the sunshine to clear away the cobwebs, watch one of your favourite funny films or catch up on your sleep.

Hope you're feeling better soon x

Melissa Elsner said...

Oh you ladies almost made me cry! I AM stressed!! I do need to chill for a bit. Maybe a good bubble bath or coffee date with a friend will help. Perhaps sleep??

teacher jessy said...

Well, I would love around in the mag & browse scrappers blog if I am mojoless. You can always try scrap-lift or give urself a little challenge eg: use only diecuts to create, have only 4 colors on ur layout... So on... to jam start ur rut :) don't worry I am sure you'll start to create again. Lots of xoxo.

Sarah aka Byclops said...

When I have lost my mojo I clean my area up...tidy up, organise things and usually it comes back...eventually. Hope it does for you :)