Scrappers block

It got me.  I have it.  Eek!  I sat at my craft table yesterday working on a wedding project for a friend and lost all motivation to keep going.  But I forced myself to finish what I had started, hoping for that little mojo to kick in... alas... I just got irritated and tired.

I know this happens.  I just hate it when it does because I LOVE to create!  So, I'm taking my extra time out on other things like..... laundry... ironing... cleaning the bathroom... YUCK!!

Usually after I look in one of my mags or an online gallery some of that mojo comes back but this time it didn't work.  I've got deadlines coming up!  What's a girl to do????
My last way to get the moj is to clean up my crafty area.  I'll try that next.

What do you do to get your mojo back?  Same as I do?  Got any other fun ways you do?? Love to hear them!