Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog surfing


On Tuesday morning (around 4 a.m.) I woke up from the sound of the wind.  I got out of bed to shut my window all the way.  I didn't turn on my lamp because I know my way around my room quite well.  Well.  I failed to remember that I had a left a 2 gallon zip lock bag of paper in the middle of my floor.  I should remember those types of things shouldn't I?  So Melissa decided she wanted to try to fly by using the zip lock back as a launching pad. 

Yes.  Wouldn't it have been lovely to be able to fly?  The flight went well actually but my landing was way off.  I came down with quite a thud.  Sudden pain radiated through my back and into my bottom.  It was horrible.  I thought the worst of course.  Got up... moved around... whimpered and cried... cursed at myself.  Cursed at the zip lock bag.  Tried to lay back down.  The pain did subside thank goodness.

I went to work Tuesday and Wednesday.  Took some vicodin Tuesday night and boy did it work.  Put me to sleep and I woke up in exactly the same position I did falling asleep too!  Nice, right?  But I think I've overdone it.  So I am staying home today declaring myself bed ridden.  Hopefully a day of not moving too much and just chilling out will help with the healing.  And then I begin doing some physical therapy stuff.  Joys. 

But you know the good thing with all this is that I get to have time to really blog surf.  With my new gig at Scrapstreet as the Blog Bay writer, I get to scope out some inspiring blogs to feature!  How fun is that?  I'm really looking forward to sharing with the readers some of the blogs I have lined up.  You will enjoy them!  But this leaves me with a question.  I know what I look for in a scrappy blog:
  • Fresh, creative and talented inspiration
  • Techniques that are new and, at times, cutting edge!
  • Some times think outside of the box but also fit with my style.
What do you look for in an inspiring blog?  It doesn't just have to be a challenge blog.  And what do you think of these Ning sites popping up?  Are they really more convenient than a blog?  Are people getting more use to them?  I still get a little lost on those Ning sites.


Hayley G said...

Hi Melissa. =)

Let's see, for me what I look for is definitely something I find inspiring. It doesn't have to updated daily, because there are so many awesome blogs to read that I can't read them everyday!! I like to see both cards and layouts - and I love to see what people have done with a challenge. Either a topic or a sketch. Techniques are cool too. I admire someone who has the time to photograph step by step..that's awesome.
I'm not sure about all these ning sites - I don't like how the message board functions work. I like the personal touch of blogs. I feel like I actually know the people whose blogs I read.


2amscrapper said...

Great creative writing! I hope you are feeling better now.

lkamphuis said...

eye catching layouts and a good read

Sandi Clarkson said...

Love seeing new techniques with tutorials. One amazing idea makes it work for me! BTW, did you ge the window shut? You never did say .. LOL

Melissa Elsner said...

Sandi!!! LOL! Yes, the window did get shut... hehe..