Are you ready??

It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the states and that means it's also a THREE DAY WEEKEND!  HOLLA!!!!!  Yep.. I just said holla.

This weekend is going to be a fun one in crafty-bloggy land.  OWH is hosting another Memorial Day blog hop and I am thrilled to be apart of it!  There are over 100 bloggers participating!!  (Pick your jaw up!)  And you know what a good blog hop includes???? Prizes!!!  Yay!!!  Who doesn't love prizes??  So make sure you swing by tomorrow for my post that will link you to the beginning of the hop... or, you can start at my blog and then hop to the end.  It'll be up to you! 

I'll be sharing a card with some design tips and I'll have an awesomely huge prize to give away.  My stash is your treasure.  ;)  I gave a sneak of the prize in a past post so if you want to see it before tomorrow, you'll have to scroll down a bit.

In other news...
I've been busy cleaning up my craft area.  I'm moving the end of June and have to purge.  So.. more prizes might come along.  Keep watching. :)  I've also been working on some assignment stuff.  The good news about that?  I LOVE what I've been working with!!  Yummy products galore!  The bad news?  You'll have to wait a bit before you can see it.  Sorry!

For those of you in the States, hope you enjoy your weekend and that the weather cooperates!  Everyone else, well... enjoy the weekend too! :)