I love days like this...

when I get to just do nothing!  I might regret it later but I'm not doing anything today that would mean "work".  I'm not doing laundry (as I look at a small pile beginning to grow); I'm not cleaning my room (As I look at a couple of areas that need serious help); I'm not cleaning the bathroom (It's actually doing just fine) and I'm not getting dressed.  Girlfriend is staying in her jammies today!!  Don't worry, I did freshen up a bit.  Brushed my teeth and hair, put on a bra and some deodorant.  I want to be comfy - not gross! ;)

So what has this morning consisted of so far?  Rolling out of bed about 9:30.  Checked my email.  Made some breakfast.  Currently sipping some coffee and have been blog-hunting.  I love blogs.  I love hunting for inspiring blogs.  And being the Blog Bay columnist at ScrapStreet now has given me an even better excuse to scour the blog world. 

There was one blog in particular that I found myself on for a long time.  I love cards. I love making cards.  And fellow S.S. team member Andrea (she has no idea I'm doing this) has the card making skills.  I found myself  clicking on every photo, staring at all the delicious details of her cards.  I wish I could stitch that well!

So Andrea.. if you didn't know it before, you'll know it now.. you are one of my new card making idols!

Another card maker that I just love and could stay on her blog forever is the talented Linda. I get so excited when I see in my blog reader that she has a new post. She visits my blog sometimes and if she didn't know it before, she will know now - Linda... you are also one of my card making idols! 

So whether you are a card maker or not - if you are looking for a place to just drool for awhile, go check out their blogs!  Make sure you have a big cup of joe and a snack because, like me, you'll be there for awhile. :)