Just have to...

toot on my blog here because I've been tooting everywhere else and I might as well share a card while I'm tooting!  And I'll just tell you I'm in a ball of giggles right now.  I work with children.  And when you say or even TYPE the word TOOT as much as I just did and you work with children.... you'd be giggling too. ;)

Okay I'll get right to it... I'm getting my first paper magazine PUB!! Yay!!!!  Can't even believe it!  I've been pubbed in e-zines but there is just something about being in print.  I'll have a card in the November/December issue of Paper Crafts Magazine. 

Oh.. and I jumped the gun (sorry) - I thought I was going to share a card with you but realized I didn't take a photo of it yet.  Bugger!!!  I guess you'll just have to come back. ;)