There's nothing like...

a little scrap therapy to nurse a cold.  I have been sick for the past month I think with something.  Either it's allergies or a stupid cold!  It goes back and forth but all I want is to feel normal again!  Spring is usually like this and I really try to like this season.  And actually I do!  But my health hates it. :(

So while I feel miserable and hack away all my lungs here in my room, I will be enjoying the craftiness!  Nothing is finished yet but I thought I'd post a layout I realized I hadn't put up anywhere yet.

Supplies: Paper, felt, ball trim, letter stickers: American Crafts, Flowers: Kaisercraft, Brads: Making Memories, button: Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker

(Most materials from Glimpse of Spring kit from Treasury of Memories.)

I realized I've been reminiscing a lot about Guatemala.  It's my other "home".  A place that stole a huge chunk of my heart!  I lived there for a year and have been back several times to visit friends and to take groups of people on mission trips.  The joy in my heart overflows when I am down there and I get to share with people my favorite place!  The above photo is of the last time I was down there (Spring 2008).  I led a group of young adults down for a mission trip and there was this sweet girl Maria from the neighborhood.  There is always that one (sometimes more) child that everyone gets attached to on trips like this.  What I love about it, is that it is usually a time where we really get to know the culture and how the indigenous people live.  We learned that her dad left their family and that mom was working at the school we were doing maintenance at.  We learned that she only had a few clothes and a couple pairs of shoes.  We learned that despite what we thought she lacked, she was so happy.  Happy to have a bed and a place to live.  Happy to have food.  Happy to have a mom.  And happy to have a group of gringas that would sing her name from across the field when we saw her come out of her apartment.

I miss Guatemala.  I miss little girls like Maria.  I miss the people, the food, the smells.... it's time to go back!