Giveaway winner!

Hello everyone!

Almost forgot to announce the winner of the CSN Stores giveaway!  OOPS!  After a random drawing....

Congratulations goes to....


Woohoo lady!  And you almost didn't enter! likes you. :)

Just send me your email address at melissaelsner{at}gmail{dot}com and then I'll be sending your email address to the rep at CSN and he'll be emailing you your gift certificate!  Have fun shopping!

And I'd love to post more but I have a very sad eye ball.  Not sure if it's an allergy or some type of infection or what.  I'll spare you all the goopy details but I've been staring at this computer screen way too long and my eye is burning something fierce.  Time for some eye drops and a little resty poo.

Hope to post some projects soon! :)