So here's the deal...

have you ever had a day where you just needed a humongous one of these?

FYI.. that's an iced mocha.  My favorite coffee drink.  I have my own espresso machine and sometimes I'll make an iced mocha with about four shots in it.  Oh my heavens!  Today is a big iced mocha day.  I need caffeine.  Is it a bad thing to need caffeine??  I mean.. there could be worse things in life, right?

I mean.. I don't see anything wrong with that picture.... do you????

 So here's the deal... all these funny little cartoons I'm finding keep bringing up "not sleeping" and "being restless" but I can sleep.  I can have an iced mocha an hour before going to bed and have absolutely no problem gettin' my snooze on when the head hits the pillow.

Everyone I talk to thinks that's strange.  Well. That's probably true.

At any rate... today is a BIG coffee day and that's all there is to it!  Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you find time to be creative this weekend. :)