So sick :(

This week has been a horrid week for me. Sunday evening I began to feel an all too familiar throat ache.  I knew what it meant... strep throat was coming upon me.  So Monday I went into the doctor and sure enough!  But this case has been the worst I've ever had.  Add ear ache, fever and major allergies to the mix and I've been one miserable girl.  The antibiotics took a little bit longer to kick in and ibuprofen has been my best friend.   This morning I woke up a wee migraine but I think I'm finally on the mend.  I have a bit more color in my cheeks and my throat isn't hurting as much.  But I tell you it's been awful.  I've missed three days of work and depending on how today goes I might miss one more.  I haven't missed this much work in a long time.  I'd rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having! 

Tomorrow is a big day!  It's the first of the month!  Which means new ScrapStreet issue - my very first Blog Bay article will go live!  I'm so excited!  The new kit at SFTIO will go live - again.. my very first kit and I'm so thrilled!!!  AND... AAM is waiting to release the new challenge tomorrow because of some way exciting news.

July is going to be GREAT month...  and I get to attend CHA too!  Plan to buy my plane ticket tomorrow or Friday.  So excited to be away for a few days with all my scrappy friends. :)

So tomorrow I'll actually have some fun projects for you. :)  And hopefully be a bit better.