Warning: A Dork Post

You know us scrapbookers... we're always taking self-portraits, right??  Get a camera in our hands and off we go... ready?  Stretch that arm out, lift the chin and say cheese!  Wait....

you don't do that?


So...  hey look a bird!!!

I've been reading these fabulous posts over at Ella.  They are called 'Friday Photo Lessons'.  You'll have to check it out.  When I first began reading the posts I thought.. well.. sounds like this will be more useful information if I had a DSLR.  Boy was I WRONG.  I have this rinky dinky little Kodak Easyshare.  What I thought to be a piece of crum has actually turned into a most beautiful taker of photos! 

All I needed was to know how to use all the hidden features.  I had no idea what aperture was.  And I had no idea that I could, in fact, alter the brightness, low light setting and shutter speed on this little thing.  All features that I thought I could enjoy on a DSLR.  Well Kodak... you made my day!  Sure there are a few settings that I don't have but I'm beginning to think I don't need them.  I'm not a professional.... yet. ;)

Here I am having a little fun with SELF PORTRAITS... yeah that's right.  I'm not ashamed.  I was playing with the focus settings and such as suggested on the most recent Friday Photo Lesson.  (P.S. none of the above photos were edited except to crop.)

So there ya go my Point and Shoot friends!!  You, too, can have amazing photos.  Don't be afraid to click around on all the menu's.  You can always reset. :)

Hey.. and yes I do have a new blog design!  Brand new banner with some little menus.  (Thanks for noticing Linda!)