Bad Blogger!

I got so good at making a post almost everyday there for awhile.  I guess I feel like I have to always post a project but I know I don't. :)  However, I do have one more layout to show you from the SFTIO July kit.

I seriously loved those Prima flowers.  I'm going to try my hand at replicating the design.  There is a new flower image with the Silhouette that I think will come pretty close.  Yay!  This layout has some hidden journaling and the title is a question.  I Am?  Here is a close up of the journaling:

I'm learning to admit I have courage and am brave.  Another layout with the kit exudes that as well.  It's a battle I have with myself all the time.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't say how brave or courageous I am because I don't want to come across superior or better than anyone else.  And the other times, the more reasonable times, I feel like yes I am brave dangit!

In other news.... I have one more work week until this:

Eeeeeee I am so excited!!! This will the be mecca of all vacations that I've taken in a long time!  A week in my favorite city with some of my new favorite friends and around scrapbooking supplies??????  Yes please!!!!
I'll be sharing lots of photos and sneaks and the whole lot here on my blog.  Maybe even offering a prize or two.  Won't that be fun?  You won't be at a loss to see everything CHA.  Between SFTIO, ScrapStreet and my blog... you'll be very "in the know".

Have a lovely weekend!
- Melissa